about 'linguistics'

Articles in journal, book chapters

  1. Verónica Dahl. Informing Datalog through Language Intelligence - A Personal Perspective. In Oege de Moor, Georg Gottlob, Tim Furche, and Andrew Sellers, editors, Datalog Reloaded, volume 6702 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 161-180. Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2011. ISBN: 978-3-642-24205-2. [WWW] Keyword(s): linguistics.
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Conference articles

  1. Verónica Dahl, Sinan Egilmez, Joao Martins, and Emilio Miralles. On Failure-Driven Constraint-Based Parsing through CHRG. In Henning Christiansen and Jon Sneyers, editors, CHR13l, pages 13-24, July 2013. KULCW, Technical report CW 641. [WWW] [PDF] Keyword(s): linguistics, CHR 2013, CHR 2013.
  2. Verónica Dahl and Juan Emilio Miralles. Womb Grammars: Constraint Solving for Grammar Induction. In Jon Sneyers and Thom Frühwirth, editors, CHR12l, pages 32-40, September 2012. KULCW, Technical report CW 624. [WWW] [PDF] Keyword(s): linguistics, CHR 2012, CHR 2012.
  3. Verónica Dahl. CHR for Spoken and other Biological Languages. In Jon Sneyers, editor, CHR11l, pages 4-18, September 2011. GUC, Technical report. Note: Invited talk. [PDF] Keyword(s): abduction, linguistics, applications, CHR 2011, CHR 2011.
  4. Verónica Dahl, M. Dolores Jiménez-López, and Olivier Perriquet. Poetic RNA: Adapting RNA Design Methods to the Analysis of Poetry. In Proc. 8th Intl. Conf. Practical Applications of Agents and Multiagent Systems, volume 71 of Advances in Soft Computing, pages 403-410, April 2010. SV. [doi:10.1007/978-3-642-12433-4_48] Keyword(s): applications, linguistics.
  5. Verónica Dahl, Baohua Gu, and Erez Maharshak. A Hyprolog Parsing Methodology for Property Grammars. In IWANN '09: Proc. 10th Intl. Workshop on Artif. Neural Networks, volume 5517 of LNCS, pages 480-487, 2009. SV. [doi:10.1007/978-3-642-02478-8_60] Keyword(s): linguistics.
  6. Verónica Dahl and Erez Maharshak. DNA Replication as a Model for Computational Linguistics. In IWINAC '09: Proc. Third Intl. Work-Conf. on the Interplay Between Natural and Artificial Computation, LNCS, pages 346-355, 2009. SV. [doi:10.1007/978-3-642-02264-7_36] Keyword(s): linguistics.
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  8. Verónica Dahl and Baohua Gu. A CHRG Analysis of ambiguity in Biological Texts. In CSLP '07: Proc. 4th Intl. Workshop on Constraints and Language Processing, August 2007. Note: Extended Abstract. Keyword(s): linguistics, applications.
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  10. Verónica Dahl and Baohua Gu. Semantic Property Grammars for Knowledge Extraction from Biomedical Text. In S. Etalle and M. Truszczynski, editors, ICLP06l, volume 4079 of LNCS, pages 442-443, August 2006. SV. Note: Poster Paper. [doi:10.1007/11799573_40] Keyword(s): applications, linguistics.
  11. Henning Christiansen. CHR Grammars with multiple constraint stores. In Th. Frühwirth and M. Meister, editors, CHR04l, pages 1-7, May 2004. [PDF] Keyword(s): CHR 2004, linguistics, applications, CHR 2004, CHR 2004.
  12. Gabriel G. Bès and Verónica Dahl. Balanced parentheses in NL texts: a useful cue in the syntax/semantics interface. In Proc. Lorraine-Saarland Workshop on Prospects and Advances in the Syntax/Semantics Interface, October 2003. Note: Poster Paper. Keyword(s): applications, linguistics.


  1. Thomas Hecksher, Sune T.B. Nielsen, and Alexis Pigeon. A CHRG model of the ancient Egyptian grammar. Note: Unpublished student project report, Roskilde University, Denmark, December 2002. Keyword(s): applications, linguistics.
  2. Frank Morawietz and Philippe Blache. Parsing Natural Languages with CHR. Note: Unpublished Draft, 2002. Keyword(s): applications, linguistics.