of Jairson Vitorino


  1. Jairson Vitorino. Model-Driven Engineering a Versatile, Extensible, Scalable Rule Engine through Component Assembly and Model Transformations. PhD thesis, Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil, February 2009.

Articles in journal, book chapters

  1. Armin Wolf, Jacques Robin, and Jairson Vitorino. Adaptive CHR meets CHR$^\vee$: An Extended Refined Operational Semantics for CHR$^\vee$ Based on Justifications. In Tom Schrijvers and Thom Frühwirth, editors, Constraint Handling Rules --- Current Research Topics, volume 5388 of LNAI, pages 48-69. SV, December 2008. [WWW] [doi:10.1007/978-3-540-92243-8_3] Keyword(s): disjunction, search, semantics.
  2. Jacques Robin, Jairson Vitorino, and Armin Wolf. Constraint Programming Architectures: Review and a New Proposal. j-jucs, 13(6):701-720, 2007. [WWW]

Conference articles

  1. Armin Wolf, Jacques Robin, and Jairson Vitorino. Adaptive CHR meets CHR$^{\lor}$: An Extended Refined Operational Semantics for CHR$^{\lor}$ Based On Justifications. In K. Djelloul, G. J. Duck, and M. Sulzmann, editors, CHR07l, pages 1-15, September 2007. [PDF] Keyword(s): semantics, disjunction, CHR 2007, CHR 2007, CHR 2007.
  2. Jacques Robin and Jairson Vitorino. ORCAS: Towards a CHR-Based Model-Driven Framework of Reusable Reasoning Components. In M. Fink, H. Tompits, and S. Woltran, editors, WLP '06: Proc. 20th Workshop on Logic Programming, T.U.Wien, Austria, INFSYS Research report 1843-06-02, pages 192-199, February 2006.
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