of Andrea Triossi

Articles in journal, book chapters

  1. Andrea Triossi. Hardware Execution of Constraint Handling Rules. PhD Thesis, 2011.

Conference articles

  1. Andrea Triossi, Salvatore Orlando, Alessandra Raffaetà, and Thom Frühwirth. Compiling CHR to parallel hardware. In Proceedings of the 14th symposium on Principles and Practice of declarative programming, pages 173-184, 2012. ACM.
  2. Andrea Triossi. Boosting CHR through Hardware Acceleration. In Jon Sneyers, editor, CHR11l, pages 1-3, September 2011. GUC, Technical report. Note: Invited talk. [PDF] Keyword(s): implementation, parallelism, CHR 2011, CHR 2011.
  3. Andrea Triossi, Salvatore Orlando, Alessandra Raffaeta, Frank Raiser, and Thom Frühwirth. Constraint-Based Hardware Synthesis. In Slim Abdennadher, editor, WLP10l, September 2010. [WWW] Keyword(s): applications.