of Michael Thielscher

Books and proceedings

  1. Michael Thielscher. Reasoning Robots: The Art and Science of Programming Robotic Agents (Applied Logic Series). Springer Netherlands, October 2010. Keyword(s): applications.

Articles in journal, book chapters

  1. Michael Thielscher. FLUX: A Logic Programming Method for Reasoning Agents. In Slim Abdennadher, Thom Frühwirth, and Christian Holzbaur, editors, Special Issue on Constraint Handling Rules, volume 5(4--5) of Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, pages 533-565. CUP, July 2005. [doi:10.1017/S1471068405002358] Keyword(s): FLUX.

Conference articles

  1. Stephan Schiffel and Michael Thielscher. Fluxplayer: A Successful General Game Player. In AAAI '07: Proc. 22nd AAAI Conf. Artificial Intelligence, pages 1191-1196, July 2007. AAAI Press. Keyword(s): FLUX.
  2. Michael Thielscher. Reasoning About Actions with CHRs and Finite Domain Constraints. In P. J. Stuckey, editor, ICLP02l, volume 2401 of LNCS, pages 70-84, jul/aug 2002. SV.