of Thierry Martinez

Conference articles

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  2. Thierry Martinez. Semantics-preserving translations between Linear Concurrent Constraint Programming and Constraint Handling Rules. In M. Fernández, editor, PPDP10l, pages 57-66, July 2010. ACM. [doi:10.1145/1836089.1836097] Keyword(s): semantics, related formalisms, linear logic.
  3. Thierry Martinez. On connections between CHR and LCC. In F. Raiser and J. Sneyers, editors, CHR09l, pages 18-32, July 2009. KULCW, Technical report CW 555. [PDF] Keyword(s): CHR 2009, linear logic, related formalisms, CHR 2009, CHR 2009.
  4. François Fages, Cleyton Mário de Oliveira Rodrigues, and Thierry Martinez. Modular CHR with phask and phtell. In T. Schrijvers, F. Raiser, and T. Frühwirth, editors, CHR08l, pages 95-110, 2008. RISC Report Series 08-10, University of Linz, Austria. [PDF] Keyword(s): CHR 2008, CHR 2008, CHR 2008.