of Rémy Haemmerlé

Articles in journal, book chapters

  1. Gregory J. Duck, Rémy Haemmerlé, and Martin Sulzmann. On Termination, Confluence and Consistent CHR-based Type Inference. Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, 14:619-632, 7 2014. ISSN: 1475-3081. [WWW] [doi:10.1017/S1471068414000246]
  2. Rémy Haemmerlé. Diagrammatic Confluence for Constraint Handling Rules. TPLP, 12(4-5):737-753, September 2012. ISSN: 1471-0684. [WWW] [doi:10.1017/S1471068412000270] Keyword(s): confluence.
  3. Rémy Haemmerlé. (Co-)Inductive semantics for Constraint Handling Rules. In John Gallagher and Michael Gelfond, editors, ICLP11l, volume 11(4--5) of TPLP, pages 593-609. CUP, July 2011. [doi:10.1017/S1471068411000196] Keyword(s): semantics, termination.
  4. Rémy Haemmerlé. Observational equivalences for linear logic concurrent constraint languages. In John Gallagher and Michael Gelfond, editors, ICLP11l, volume 11(4--5) of TPLP, pages 469-485. CUP, July 2011. [doi:10.1017/S1471068411000123] Keyword(s): linear logic, semantics, confluence, related formalisms.

Conference articles

  1. Rémy Haemmerlé. On Combining Backward and Forward Chaining in Constraint Logic Programming. In Proceedings of the 16th International Symposium on Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming, PPDP '14, New York, NY, USA, pages 213-224, 2014. ACM. ISBN: 978-1-4503-2947-7. [WWW] [doi:10.1145/2643135.2643144] Keyword(s): CHR, CLP, backward & forward chaining, confluence.
  2. Rémy Haemmerlé. Coinductive Proof over Streams as CHR Confluence Proofs. In Jon Sneyers and Thom Frühwirth, editors, CHR12l, pages 51-65, September 2012. KULCW, Technical report CW 624. [WWW] [PDF] Keyword(s): confluence, CHR 2012, CHR 2012.
  3. R. Haemmerlé, P. Lopez-Garcia, and M.V. Hermenegildo. CLP Projection for Constraint Handling Rules. In Michael Hanus, editor, PPDP11l, pages 137-148, July 2011. ACM. [doi:10.1145/2003476.2003496] Keyword(s): semantics, related formalisms, termination, confluence.
  4. Jose F. Morales, Manuel Hermenegildo, and Rémy Haemmerlé. Modular Extensions for Modular (Logic) Languages. In German Vidal, editor, LOPSTR11l, LNCS, 2011. Keyword(s): extensions.
  5. Rémy Haemmerlé and Hariolf Betz. Verification of Constraint Handling Rules using Linear Logic Phase Semantics. In T. Schrijvers, F. Raiser, and T. Frühwirth, editors, CHR08l, pages 67-78, 2008. RISC Report Series 08-10, University of Linz, Austria. [PDF] Keyword(s): CHR 2008, linear logic, verification, CHR 2008, CHR 2008.
  6. Rémy Haemmerlé and François Fages. Abstract Critical Pairs and Confluence of Arbitrary Binary Relations. In RTA '07: Proc. 18th Intl. Conf. Term Rewriting and Applications, volume 4533 of LNCS, June 2007. SV. [doi:10.1007/978-3-540-73449-9_17] Keyword(s): confluence.